There’s a showdown in Washington and I’m not sure if it falls under demoCRIPS or reBLOODlicans because it seems that all the gangs are involved.

The CIA is spying on congress and now the senators are outraged, but where were they when they found out that the government was spying on you, the American people?

It doesn’t surprise me that the CIA is searching government computers. Here we go with this torture issue again that we won’t fess up to. The Bush and Cheney administration violating international law, violating the Geneva Convention, violating everything about America, torturing people and then covering it up.

What happens after? Nobody investigates it. Nobody goes back because that’s the unwritten law between the demoCRIPS and reBLOODlicans. Whenever ones been in power, whoever comes in afterwards always gives you that line: It’s time for the country to move forward.

What that means is we aren’t going to look at what they did previous to us no matter how many international laws were broken, no matter how it disgraced America, now a country known for torturing. It appears this CIA torture cover up is just the tip of the iceberg.


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