A recent New York Times article claims that we may never know the truth about Osama bin Laden's death and if it really happened.

Doesn’t this tell them that they should investigate 9/11 as well? Nobody has ever actually shown us any evidence that bin Laden did 9/11. There was never a Grand Jury indictment and the government has never put any official evidence into the record. They simply told us he did it.

I wish they spent as much time investigating 9/11 as they do investigating the guy that allegedly did it. If the death of bin Laden is a sham, then what the hell else is a sham? I have no way of knowing whether the guy is dead or alive. With all the lies the government has told us, I don't know what to believe and what not to believe. They still have the 28 redacted pages to the 9/11 report that they won't let us see.

I have no way of knowing if they really killed bin Laden. He may have died of natural causes for all we know. I question anything the government says operationally today. You don't know what to believe.

-Jesse Ventura

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