A driver was arrested after she drove her car into a crowd of people at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade. It was discovered that she had mental-health related issues and was trying to commit suicide.

It sounds like we need to treat cars like we do guns in this country. When the wrong person is behind the wheel of a car, that car can kill people and injure dozens more.

Initially, the report said she had been drinking but apparently that’s not true. It came out that she has mental problems. Shouldn’t all of us licensed drivers have to feel some pain for the misuse of an automobile by somebody with mental problems? Isn’t that what happens when guns are misused? When mentally disturbed people kill people with guns, they make it more difficult for us law-abiding citizens to have guns. Therefore, using that analogy, Jesse Ventura says it’s time that we start doing background checks on driver’s licenses. I'm being sarcastic, but you get my point.  

-Jesse Ventura

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