SAFE Act Passes to Stop President Obama's Plan for 10,000 Syrians

289 to 137 votes. That means 289 Congressmen that we elected to the House of Representatives to... "represent" us believe that we are not a country of compassionate leaders. They believe we're isolationist gluttons who are too terrified of our own neighbors to reach out a helping hand.

12 million Syrians need refuge -- most of which are running for their lives due to our intervention in the Middle East. Approximately half of those poor, displaced souls are children. But to the bull-headed 289, all are potential ISIS terrorists.

This doesn't prevent the entrance outright, but it does post up nearly impossible hurdles for anyone to enter the U.S. "unless the heads of the Department of Homeland Security, FBI and National Intelligence all individually guarantee they pose no threat." And when will that ever happen?

The attacks on Paris have sent the world reeling -- just like 9/11 did before it -- but France is still offering to house Syrians. 20,000 more than were originally proposed for safe passage to the U.S. And 30,000 more than we'll take now that the House has passed the SAFE Act.

This lie about keeping us safe has spawned the NSA and a spying/data collection empire that has almost every person in the country under constant surveillance. Read Former NSA Director Bill Binney's Reddit AMA, hear his firsthand account of exactly how deep this goes.

This is plain and simple fear-mongering to keep us right where the government wants us: terrified and pliant. And doesn't that mean that if our own leaders are the ones behind the campaign of panic, that they have become the terrorists? To me, it does.


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