Or At Least His Twitter Account Is Run by White Supremacist A**holes

On Twitter, @RealDonaldTrump often comes across as a parody account of himself as he spouts out borderline nonsense about China inventing global warming:

His everlasting support for Robert Pattinson during the trials and tribulations of Kristen “KStew” Stewart:

And of course, everyone’s favorite: The President’s true place of birth:

But this most recent retweet may be his most inane and offensive thing that has ever come from his two thumbs (or an intern/staffer pretending to be his two thumbs):

While you sit at Thanksgiving dinner this week across from your distant cousins or the aunt and uncle you don’t talk about, remember this: Donald Trump is the simulacrum of Baby Boomers raised in white-flight suburbs, nurtured by Fox News lies and bigotry, and tucked into bed each night by misleading memes made by other social media madmen. Trump knows not what he does, because he has no contact with the reality of an outside world that is not nearly as terrifying as the nightly news wants you to believe.

Tragedies occur, “stuff happens” (trademark Jeb! 2016), and a lot of honest, hard-working people meet each day with the screaming horrors of the big bad scary “other” -- those not exactly like us. And they have to take to Facebook and Twitter to post their myopic viewpoints about it. Then, it’s up to journalists of the world to unpack why what they said is so unfortunate, and perhaps try to understand why they would make such a claim in the first place.

If this is where the American Experiment has led us to, maybe it has failed. We are not a melting pot, but instead of boiling stew of xenophobic Facebook comments and intolerant tweets that sometimes overflow into real life.

So bravo, Trump (or one of the many interns who actually post for him, and most likely did this post as well, considering it came from an Android and not Trump’s trusty iPhone). You’ve once again forced us to put your name in the news by offending us.

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