The clown car that is the race for Republican Presidential Candidate may have a new Bozo at the wheel: Mitt Romney might be considering a run for 2016

As reported in New York Magazine, a senior member of his 2012 team told reporter Gabriel Sherman, “Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run.” But what inspired the Touch of Gray poster boy to consider throwing his hat into the overly crowded ring? Well, it rhymes with Tronald Dump. That’s right, November 2016 could be the war of Ol’ Salt and Pepper versus Waves of Golden Wig as Romney tries to put a stop to the Trump Train that is bulldozing everything in its path.

According to writer Sherman, “‘[Romney’s] someone to whom civility means a lot. The whole Trump thing really bothers him,’ a close Romney adviser told me -- and some Romney-ites are only too happy to talk up the prospect of their man jumping into the race if the Establishment fails to stop Trump.” Oh suuuure, the United States’ election process has always been a gentleman’s sport in which no mud has ever been slung, no backs have ever been stabbed, and absolutely ZERO dogs have been strapped to the roofs of cars.

Politicians aren’t quite chivalrous chaps -- most of them work day in and out to destroy the reputations of their competitors and colleagues. Just look at Sen. Ted Cruz’s recent slanderous verbal shellacking of Sen. Mitch McConnell. And that all went down on the Senate Floor! Or take it from the Governor himself, who told me that after four years as Minnesota Governor, he felt like he had to take a shower.

This truly all comes down to the establishment attempting to do ANYTHING to save their asses from the straight talk of Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (oh yeah, by the way, VOTE BERNIE). So if Romney has to pretend that The Donald is ruining the civil, mannerly prestige of the glorified American election, so be it. Let him run. But nothing -- and I mean, NOTHING -- will stop Trump from running his big fat mouth.

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