Marco Rubio has gotten nearly $8.5 million in TV advertising promoting his candidacy run in early states courtesy of the Conservative Solutions Project, a 501(c)(4) organization that is supposed to use its money to promote social welfare causes but appears to be promoting is Rubio’s, which would appear to be a violation of IRS regulations.

Money can’t be kept out of politics because the Supreme Court has allowed it. The only way it can be stopped is with an amendment to the Constitution. Unless the Supreme Court reverses itself with another case, it’s part of the law of land now. They’re allowed to do it. And in allowing them to do it, they’ve completely corrupted our entire political system. We are now fascists and what you have here is a clear example of it. They’re skirting the way the rules are supposed to be because they’re allowed to do it. There are loopholes in there that allow them to do it.

I would question Rubio’s integrity for allowing this to happen. Because this shows he has none. You’re not going to hold him accountable because of a loophole. What do you hold him accountable to? Nothing will happen on this. With the Supreme Court’s decision to allow corporations into the game, anything goes. Nobody is going to be tried for campaign finances. The only place he’ll be tried is in the court of public opinion.

-Jesse Ventura


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