Hillary Clinton and her emails...Apparently she didn’t use the official State Department server for emails. To me, personally, I could care less!

I’m down here off the grid.It’s 85 and sunny, and the fact is, I could care less what are in Hillary Clinton’s emails!

But since that’s the big topic of the week - and it’s supposed to be a “hot topic” - let’s discuss Hillary’s emails. Do they think that this was done because she was hiding something about Benghazi?

Well, for all the Republicans out there (and I’m not a Democrat, I’m an Independent), I’ll make a trade with you: if you’ll investigate Hillary’s emails to dig up evidence on Benghazi, how about an equal investigation into the trumped-up Iraq War?Remember, the one George Bush and Dick Cheney induced Colin Powell to go along with? And blatantly lied to everybody in the USA about WMDs and ties to al-Qaeda? And what about the torture? To which Dick Cheney says, “Phooey.”  Phooey to torture, to war crime?

I’ll tell you what: I’m more interested in bringing back the torture issue to the front burner than I am ever of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Let’s do something that really affects the United States. If they think there’s Benghazi secrets in there, then let’s do the same type of investigation into the trumped-up Iraq War. Because that sure has had a much bigger impact on the world than Benghazi did.

The Iraq War is quite bigger, yet you don’t hear a word from anybody about the lies we were told.  The lies that got us into the war in the first place.  There were no ties to al-Qaeda.  There were no weapons of mass destruction.  Yet we lined-up our military at another sovereign nation.  Invaded the country.  Yes we did.  Didn’t the Germans do that in Poland?  I believe they did.  Didn’t the Russians do that in then Czechoslovakia?  I believe they did. So we did it.  We lined our military up at another sovereign nation, invaded the country, overthrew its government, and - in the process - tortured some of its people.  Yet, there’s no investigation into torture at all.  But we’re worried about Hillary Clinton using a different server in her emails.

Oh my, what a huge scandal.

-Jesse Ventura

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