Because the Bible tells him so... He clarifies it tells businesses not to hire atheists. 

From our partners at Raw Story comes this interesting headline

"Fox guest: Keep discrimination legal because Bible tells businesses not to hire atheists"

Raw Story's Scott Kaufman reports

A former Department of Justice official went on Fox & Friends over the weekend to discuss the passage of a Madison, Wisconsin city ordinance that prohibits businesses from discriminating against atheists.

According to J. Christian Adams, the campaign to pass the ordinance was spearheaded by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a “very powerful” group that “hectors governments to pass anti-Christian, anti-religious ordinances. They team up with government, for example, they were behind getting the IRS to monitor sermons and homilies by Christian pastors.”

And Adams goes on to clarify his views:

“There’s a lot of reasons why Christians or Jews might not want to hire an atheist,” he continued. “In fact, it’s in the New Testament. It says things like avoid them and disassociate with them. You might have a job, for example, where you want someone who believes in a higher power.”

And this guy was an official at the Department of Justice?  

Oh.  Lord.

Watch the interview here.

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