And by “anyone,” we mean Congress, Wall Street, the justice system, police and Big Media.  A new Harvard University poll, conducted by its Institute of Politics, points to the ever-growing gap between those working under the Capitol dome – *cough cough* that’s you, Congress – and those struggling to make ends meet following their pursuit for a higher education.

Whether Republican or Democrats, 83% of Millennials show no faith in Congress.  86% distrust Wall Street. 


Is this really a shock?  Our Republican-controlled Congress doesn’t show much interest in millennial issues, except when raising student loan interests rates for this generation of post-grads.

But Big Media bears the brunt of it: only 12% of Millennials trust the media.  That means an overwhelming majority don’t believe most of what they see or read in the press.  Wonder if Mr. O’Reilly or Mr. Williams saw these results?

49% said they had “not much” or “no” confidence in our justice system.

Among all the institutions surveyed, the military ranked the highest among Millennials at 53%.  At least there’s respect for those who fight for us.  

What do you think vigilant fans?  Think Millennials have it right?  Sound off below and be sure to watch Jesse Ventura’s take on our country’s love of debt: 

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