The Office of Personnel Management recently admitted to underestimating the amount of fingerprints stolen in last summer’s cyberattack, concluding 5.6 million were hacked.

Federal government officials state 5.6 million fingerprints were stolen in last summer’s cyberattacks, five times the 1.1. million previously estimated.

The Office of Personnel Management revealed the information in its latest press release, and also said that this new information does not affect the already-estimated number of federal employees who had their personal information stolen, such as social security. That figure still remains at 21.5 million.

OPM notes the misuse of fingerprints is limited, but technology could change that over time.

Senator Ben Sasse told reporters the administration is overlooking this as a national security threat saying:"The American people have no reason to believe that they’ve heard the full story and every reason to believe that Washington assumes they are too stupid or preoccupied to care about cyber security.”

Members of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Department of Defense have teamed up to investigate the matter further, with the Daily Beast noting that China is suspected behind the attack.

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