According to, "Kentucky must give millions of dollars in tax subsidies to a Noah’s Ark theme park owned by a creationist ministry, even though that ministry refuses to comply with the state’s request not to engage in hiring discrimination, according to an opinion by a George W. Bush appointee to the federal bench."

There’s a separation of church and state.  This park is obviously a religious park. Therefore, on that point alone, they should not be getting any type of money or government subsidies.  These are tax dollars going directly towards this amusement park.  These are more tax dollars being given towards a religious institution of sorts.

We already subsidize churches: they are not forced to pay property taxes, which I think is ridiculous. I’m outraged over this point alone and always will be.

The point is this: there is a separation of church and state for a reason.  This organization, this park, whatever you want to call it, should not receive a dime from the government, or the people of Kentucky, whatsoever.

-Jesse Ventura


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