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If You Only Knew: Keegan-Michael Key

Larry King NowAug 10 '16

Keegan-Michael Key plays a round of ‘If You Only Knew,’ opening up about what he fears, the low-brow humor that gets him every time, and the comedian he’d most like to collaborate with (other than Jordan Peele, of course).

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Larry: We play a little game of 'If You Only Knew.'

Larry: Who was your childhood celebrity crush?

Keegan: Yes. My childhood celebrity crush when I was a little little kid or when I was in my formative years Raquel Welch used to be on - Yes, I'm older than you think everybody and older than you think.

Larry: Not bad. Guilty pleasure?

Keegan: Chili cheese fries. It's a thing we eat in Detroit.

Larry: If you could choose any comedic collaborator other than Jordan Peele who would it be?

Keegan: Right at this moment I would really love to collaborate with Zach Galifianakis

Larry: You did an impression of me, right?

Keegan: I did. In a 'Key and Peele' sketch, yeah.

Larry: Suspenders. Did you try to capture the voice too?

Keegan: I was trying to capture it a little bit but I wasn't getting enough of the rough. I was a little too -

Larry: What was a secret talent you have?

Keegan: I am a hurdler, I'm a hurdler. I ran the 110 high hurdles in high school.

Larry: Something you are afraid of?

Keegan: Afraid of people not liking me.

Larry: Really?

Keegan: I'm afraid, I'm desperately afraid of people not liking me. Doesn't help, not helpful.

Larry: Best perk of being a celebrity?

Keegan: It's getting that table when you don't have a reservation. You know I'm talking about!

Larry: I know. What never fails to make you laugh?

Keegan: I'm old-school a pratfall, a pratfall. I was watching a movie last night I was watching a great movie last night and called ‘The Whole Nine Yards.' Old movie with Bruce Willis and Matt Perry. Matt Perry -

Larry: Hysterical. When he hits the window -

Keegan: That's exactly it! That's the thing. And then he bumps off of Michael Clarke Duncan and falls - love it, love.

Larry: Mel Brooks says the difference between funny and tragedy is: funny is if you fall down a manhole. Tragedy is if I cut my finger.

Keegan: If I cut -

Larry: What are you awful at?

Keegan: What am I awful at? Organization. Horribly, horribly unorganized.

Larry: What do you think we should be paying more attention to?

Keegan: Educating our kids, and educating our kids - I'm a big Richard Dreyfuss fan. Educating our kids about civics.

Larry: You're not kidding, Dreyfuss was here many times.

Keegan: Right? Educating our kids about civics.

Larry: Strangest fan encounter?

Keegan: It happened actually the other day. I was doing a voiceover for a cartoon and the engineer was like, “I'm a big fan I really - I really like you're like your work. Now when you came here last here's the example of what you did.” And then he played back the thing and I'm like, "That's not my voice. That's not my voice." He's like, "That's not you?" I was like nope, that's not me. And I was like, "how big a fan are you?"

Larry: Let's find that guy.

Keegan: Let's find that guy, right.

Larry: Is there something you long believed to be true and then realized wasn't?

Keegan: Yes, when I found my a biological mother, I realized that she initially had no intention of giving up for adoption.

Larry: Wow.

Keegan: I always thought, I'm worthless, why would you give a baby away? And then I met her and she went, "I had no - I had no intention of giving you away, and then circumstances took place."

Larry: What's something people don't know about you?

Keegan: Gosh, I guess I have a lot of - I think I'm probably a little more, I'm a little darker than everybody thinks I am. Everybody thinks, you know, like this is Keegan - little bit darker.

Larry: Jekyll and Hyde?

Keegan: A little bit, a little bit Jekyll-Hyde. You ask Jordan Peele.