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If You Only Knew: Jack Osbourne

Larry King NowAug 15 '16

Jack Osbroune steps into Larry's 'If You Only Knew' hot seat, revealing his favorite thing about being famous, what always makes him laugh, and where he'd like to be in 10 years.

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King: Okay, we're gonna play a little game of If You Only Knew. I just throw questions. What's your funniest fan encounter?

Osbourne: Funniest fan encounter. I mean, there's been stuff like when I was young and we were doing The Osbournes, girls would ring the doorbell and I was like a teenager and there's like girls at my door ringing the doorbell of our house and you do what teenagers do.

King: Silly. What's your favorite childhood memory?

Osbourne: Favorite childhood memory is probably my dad teaching me to hunt or going camping with my dad.

King: Proudest accomplishment?

Osbourne: Proudest accomplishment. Probably when I climbed El Cap in Yosemite, which is a 3,600 foot, big, giant--

King: Because it was there. 

Osbourne: Because it was there.

King: Best part of being a father?

Osbourne: Just the continual surprise of kids. Every day is a new story.

King: Best piece of advice for your children as they get older?

Osbourne: Always listen to your gut.

King: Biggest pet peeve?

Osbourne: Biggest pet peeve--picky eaters. I cannot stand picky eaters.

King: Favorite episode or scene from The Osbournes on MTV?

Osbourne: Probably the most memorable was the first episode. I can remember it through and through. Other than that it starts to get blurred, but that whole first episode was pretty exciting.

King: Something that always makes you laugh?

Osbourne: I love the movie Step Brothers. The Will Ferrell movie. Every time it's on I just fall over laughing.

King: Childhood celebrity crush?

Osbourne: Natalie Portman.

King: Not bad. Best thing about being famous?

Osbourne: Probably, most of the time not having to wait in line at a restaurant.

King: Correct. Worst thing about being famous?

Osbourne: Probably internet trolls.

King: Internet trolls. Favorite Black Sabbath song?

Osbourne: Symptom of the Universe.

King: Least favorite Black Sabbath song?

Osbourne: Probably like the later 1978, like Never Say Die albums.

King: If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

Osbourne: I probably would go to colonial America.

King: Ah, really? When we defeated your people?

Osbourne: Exactly. I could deal with the internal struggle there.

King: Lunch with one historical figure. Who would it be?

Osbourne: Probably like Jefferson or something.

King: You know, when you think about it, if your side had won,

Jefferson would have been hunt. 

Osbourne: Probably, yeah.

King: As a traitor. Washington, they were all traitors.

Osbourne: Yeah. A few of these signers of the Declaration of Independence did get incarcerated and hung.

King: Benedict Arnold would have been hailed.

Osbourne: Probably, yeah. He would have been, there would have been statues of him in Washington D.C.

King: Jack Osbourne in ten years?

Osbourne: Battling teenage daughters. And then I don't know. Hopefully still contributing to the, you know, the flow of life.

King: Are you always going to be looking at new ideas to produce?

Osbourne: Yeah. I would eventually like to, I say I'd like to do something else, and I've been working in TV for fifteen years now and I started a a diaper bag company, making diaper bags for dads. So it's just a small little internet business me and a friend started.

King: You mean for dads to wear?

Osbourne: Yeah, because I go to the park and you see a bunch of dads walking around with floral pink bags,chasing their kids and I'm like 'Where's the bags for dads?' So we make diaper bags so it's kind of just a little adventure I'm getting into and I don't know. I don't know if I will be in TV forever.

King: Does the family remain close?

Osbourne: Yes. Most weekends we are together with my kids and Kelly and we usually go get lunch or something.

King: And when they were separated, you still were close, right?

Osbourne: Yeah. Like I said, their business is their business. I can't put myself into their relationship. So whatever's going on, that's the most intimate levels.

King: But you're glad they're back.

Osbourne: I am, of course. Maybe selfishly.