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If You Only Knew: Shiri Appleby

Larry King NowAug 08 '16

Shiri Appleby, star of ‘UnREAL,’ plays Larry King’s signature trivia game, “If You Only Knew” in which she reveals her guilty pleasure, secret talent, and her most embarrassing moment.Hint: it involves Natalie Portman.

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King: Ok a little game of If You Only Knew.

Appleby: Ok, great.

King: What's a guilty pleasure?

Appleby: I guess Jon & Vinny's.

King: Role you're most proud of?

Appleby: "Girls."

King: Something you wish you were better at?

Appleby: Cleaning up.

King: Most embarrassing moment?

Appleby: Most embarrassing moment the other day I met Natalie Portman in the parking lot at the farmers market with my two kids and she's been a role model of mine and I went to go talk to her, my kid was hanging out of my baby bjorn and berries were falling down the hill and I was just…

King: You didn't get to talk?

Appleby: I just literally said I've been working since I was a kid you’re a big role model for me but it was really sort of...

King: If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?

Appleby: Hillary Clinton

King: Secret talent?

Appleby: Uh secret talent, I'm very good at carpool. I don't know if that's a secret talent.

King: That's a talent. What makes you laugh every time?

Appleby: My kids, yeah.

King:What makes you angry?

Appleby: People being late.

King: Me too.

Appleby: Yeah,I really don't like tardiness.

King: Who are you dying to still work with?

Appleby: Steven Spielberg.

King:Something we should all be paying more attention to?

Appleby: Our children.

King: If you weren't an actor what would you be?

Appleby: A lawyer.

King: Best piece of advice you ever got?

Appleby: Be nice to people.

King: Something along believed to be true but realized wasn't?

Appleby: That playing fair gets you ahead.

King: True. Tell me something people don't know about you.

Appleby: Um, I'm afraid of dogs. I got bit as a kid over my eye, so I'm still sort of a nervous around dogs and that I'm funny. I think because I have a skill of crying on set and being very dramatic on television, that I actually have a pretty good sense of humor and I'm pretty light-hearted.