Real Life Vigilante Kai Kloepfer Hopes to End Gun Control Debate With His Invention

Kai Kloepfer, an 18-year-old from Boulder, Colorado, invented the “smart gun” which uses fingerprint recognition technology to lock and unlock the firing mechanisms on firearms. For his discovery, he won the grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, and a $50,000 grant from the Smart Tech Challenges Foundation.

Kloepfer was inspired to take on the challenge of creating safer weapons when the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting occurred in his home state in July 2012 and left 12 dead when a gunman opened fire in a packed movie theatre. He has no training or degree in engineering, but was able to create the “smart gun” by Googling information on biotechnology and fingerprint scanners.

Now, the young innovator has just launched his own crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to “fund development of a ‘smart gun’ - a fully-functional live firearm with integrated fingerprint sensor.”

According to his press release, “[w]ith the funds raised from the campaign, Kai will commission a team of engineers from VisionWorks Engineering in San Diego, California to advance his current prototype to the stage where it can be mass-produced. View the campaign video here. View high quality images of Kai and his smart gun design and prototype here.”

Kloepfer’s hope is to “prevent accidental shootings, thefts, suicides and wrongful use” associated with firearms. Watch Kai’s interview with Jesse Ventura on his “smart gun” innovation and their discussion on the Second Amendment rights implications of modifying firearms with this technology.



Then, take a look at Kloepfer’s Indiegogo campaign here. We at Off The Grid think Kai is a Real Life Vigilante who exemplifies what the Governor means by “stay vigilant!”

- Vigilant Producer Alex Logan


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