First of all, he works for Fox News. Do we even need to say more?

Former Governor, Mike Huckabee, of Arkansas has announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential race. The former Fox News pundit ran back in 2008 and won the Iowa caucus but lost the nomination. And this time around he probably still doesn't have what it takes to win the nomination but that's a good thing. He's far too conservative on social issues for modern times, mainly due to the fact that he's religious. 

Basically, the guy can't separate church and state. Here are three examples: 

1. As a bible-thumping Christian, he's anti-abortion. According to CBS, Huckabee says,

"We've lost our way morally. We've witnessed the slaughter of over 55 million babies in the name of choice and we are now threatening the foundation of religious liberty..."

2.  He's anti-marriage equality. Mic.Com reports that during a conference call to promote last week's "Stand for Marriage" event, Huckabee said,

"Christian convictions are under attack as never before. Not just in our lifetime, but ever before in the history of this great nation. We are moving rapidly towards the criminalization of Christianity."

3. He's against contraception. 

"Huckabee made a typically charming case against Obamacare's contraception mandate. In a neat bit of pretzel logic, he argued, according to aWashington Post account, that support for requiring insurance providers provide birth control was an insult to the people who wanted it — that it implied a belief among Democrats that American women desperately wanted an 'Uncle Sugar' to protect them from their unruly libidos."

Who do you guys want to win the nomination? To see another GOP 2016 contender, check out this video below. 

-By Brigida Santos, The Off the Grid Team

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