The Governor ponders if and when he'll consider a 2016 campaign for presidency.  What will it take to get Jesse Ventura in the running?

I’m still weighing the options.  Why would I want to run now when you still have 12 Republican and three Democratic candidates in the field?

I’d be lost in the shuffle.  You have to time it just right.  You must wait until the parties are down to their final two, a more manageable number.

I will make the personal decision to do so in April.  From there, the option would be to go to the Libertarians and ask for their endorsement.  By aligning myself with the party, I could get ballot access across the country.  For example, if Donald Trump were to lose the nomination in July under the Republican party,it would be extremely difficult for him to receive ballot access in time for the general election.

A decision on my candidacy would have to be made in conjunction with the Libertarian party at the end of May.

But I’m not going to show my hand yet.  Why would I?  I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the circus.  

-Jesse Ventura 


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