USA Today quotes Air Force chief of staff General Mark Welsh as saying, “we’re expending munitions faster than we can replenish them.”  According to a PRI report, the air raids in the Middle East have caused a loss in “our nation’s stockpile of air-to-ground munitions.” In 2015 alone, our country reportedly dropped more than 20,000 bombs and missiles on Iraq and Syria.  The per-unit price ranges from $25,000 to nearly $400,000.

So we’re dropping bombs faster than we can make them.  If we’re dropping that many bombs, how many of these terrorists can be left?  We must be missing our targets.  These bombs must be landing out in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s definitely ramp up the War Machine then! Raise taxes, build more bombs!  How can we go to sleep at night knowing that we don’t have enough bombs to drop!  Why are we holding our defense department back!  I’m being sarcastic here, people.

What do we have to show for our efforts abroad?  Nothing.  When are people going to wake up? 

For those that want to go to war, I hope you enjoy it.  This is how your money’s being spent. Instead of fixing our infrastructure, such as testing for lead in our drinking water, you’d rather spend money on dropping bombs and killing people.

I’m lost on this one. Really am.

-Jesse Ventura 


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