Jesse Ventura takes on your questions in another edition of “Ask Jesse.”  In this iteration, the Governor contemplates whether he would agree to be Donald Trump’s running mate if he were ever asked, as well as what his number one priority would be if he were to take up residence in the White House.

Joyce from Florida writes: No question but would love to see you as Donald Trump’s running mate.

First of all, Donald Trump would have to ask me, wouldn’t he? And second of all, it would be a very difficult decision for me, considering how much I despise the two political parties -- and this would require me to join one of them.  That would really take some soul searching: would I be considered a hypocrite for doing so?   Or would I abide by the rule that you can’t change things from the outside, you can only change things from the inside?  It definitely would be a moral dilemma.  But Trump would have to ask me, and with the recent announcement of his picks, I doubt that’s going to happen.

-Jesse Ventura

Bill from California asks: If you were to take office as president, what would be the first thing you do and why?

I don’t know, I have to think about this.  It’s somewhat a misleading question because you’d have many priorities once you get into office, not just one.  But let’s say I’m forced into answering this question, the number one thing I would do is to pull us out of the wars.  Bring our young men and women home. Enough is enough.  We’ve been over there for 15 years now.  That’s long enough.  That would be my priority: bring our military home where it belongs, protecting us.

Of course, we would offer support, through the UN for example, to other struggling nations.  We certainly don’t atrocities taking place thoughout the world -- you can’t live as a human and allow that to happen.  But it would require the consensus of the world.  Not just the United States.  It shouldn’t be just up to us to make those types of decisions -- of “invading countries” or nation building,” call it what you like.  We’ve gotten involved in far too many times.  I know that’s not a mainstream view today.  Like I said before, we need to take care of Flint, Michigan, before we take care of ISIS.

-Jesse Ventura


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