The Governor offers a novel proposal for solving America’s election fatigue: let’s start campaigns the year the election is going to occur. That way, these politicos in the running can actually do the job we’re paying them to do.

I’m sick of these elections already.  You can’t help but constantly hear about the presidential races - there’s no escaping it.  Big media talks about it everyday.  

And I’m so sick of it.

This is exactly what I said a year ago. I stated that by this time next year, you will be so sick of the candidates that you won’t want to vote for any of them.

And that’s exactly what I’m hearing now.

People constantly come up to me and ask, “Why don’t you run so I have someone to vote for?” I knew this would happen - this election fatigue.  Campaigns nowadays are so long; they begin two years before the elections are to happen.  Money’s being spent left and right with little oversight.

We need limits on the campaign season.  I would like to see us pass laws guaranteeing you’re not allowed to raise money or start campaigning until the year the election is actually going to occur.  

We have six months left to go?  And I’m sick of it all.  Think about what happens after the elections.  Three months into our new president’s term, politicians will begin campaigning for the next election.  That’s how ridiculous it’s getting.  That’s why you should not be able to campaign until the year of the election.

Here’s another novel idea: how about we have these politicians do the jobs they were elected to do in the first place?  These senators and congressmen spend so much time on the campaign trail, when are they actually doing the work we’re paying them to do?  They’re not.  Ensuring they can’t run a campaign until election year would also solve that problem.  The elections are in November. Starting a campaign in January should give everyone plenty of time.

Now, Americans are tired of these candidates.  They’re tired of the elections. People now just want to vote and get it over with.  And that’s not how it should be.

-Jesse Ventura


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