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Roger Love on finding your best voice

Larry King NowDec 09 '16

Larry is joined by his wife Shawn for a lively discussion with acclaimed vocal coach Roger Love, who shares stories of training Hollywood’s A-listers, offers tips for viewers at home, and treats the Kings to a singing lesson of their own.

Larry King is joined in the studio by his wife Shawn King and famed vocal coach Roger Love who recently released a book, “Set Your Voice Free,” on the very subject he teaches. Love has worked with talent ranging from Selena Gomez to the Beach Boys, and even adored public speakers like Tony Robbins. He addresses the reasons that successful singers might need a teacher to help them keep their voices healthy, including learning proper exercises and maintaining a beneficial diet.

Roger Love gives Larry and Shawn King insight into his origins as one of the most successful living vocal teachers. After starting singing lessons at age 13, he was invited to start coaching at his teacher’s studio at the age of 16. He quickly learned that he has an ear for different tonalities, and how people use their breath when vocalizing. Since his teenage years Love’s skills have grown precipitously, his success stories includes training Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon for their roles as Johnny and June Carter Cash in the film “Walk the Line,” a job he took on with just three weeks notice.

Voice trainer Roger Love then speaks with Larry and Shawn more broadly about the different vocal styles of many politicians, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump. He addresses the mistakes that everyday people make in their own speeches, including the outgoing messages they leave on their cell phones. Finally, Roger Love pulls out a piano and gives Larry some vocal exercises, which might turn him into a singer yet.