Hundreds of People Revealed to Have Ties to Racist Organizations

Senators Dan Coats (R-IN), John Cornyn (R-TX), and Thom Tillis (R-NC) may be missing from this official list released by the hacktivist group, Anonymous. That first list was apparently a hoax by a different group. But that doesn’t mean this real #HoodsOff catalog of KKK members isn’t shocking, despicable and frightening.

Anonymous reportedly worked for 11 months to pool this collection of racists and domestic terrorists primarily through “HUMINT (human intelligence) data collection strategies.” They not only cataloged the people, but the “150 active cells, operating in 41 states, with membership concentrated in both the South and the Midwest.”

Before recording the names, Anonymous makes quite a cogent point about these racist organizations…

When members of the KKK like Frazier Glenn Miller, (founder of the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party) murdered three innocent individuals at a Jewish retirement home during Passover - the word "terrorism" was seldom found in mainstream media's coverage of the attack. Why? What sort of violence does it take to call *some* factions of Ku Klux Klan what *some* of these cells really are?

Somebody should read this passage to the Oklahoma mayor’s husband, who “meant no harm” by dressing up in KKK garb and lighting a cross on fire. It was just good, ol’ Halloween fun, right? Wrong. And it would have been no different if he had dressed up as a member of ISIS and screamed “Death to America” in the name of good, clean fun.

Most names on the list are accompanied with the racist’s Facebook or Google+ social media account, and if any incriminating pictures were associated with the public account, Anonymous also included those as well. Here’s a few…

Bill Antrim

Cynthia Hayter

Eric Collins

Those were only several out of hundreds. If you can stomach it, read the full report and see the face of hatred in our nation. I’m still digging my way through this veritable treasure trove of abomination, but it’s important to look the enemy right dead in the eyes, rather than pretending like he was never there.


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