Watch Jesse Ventura and The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur take on the 2016 elections, which may be the most expensive...ever?  Plus, Cenk and Jesse discuss the possibility of a Ventura 2016 run.  Find out who Jesse’s VP pick would be and why it may be prime time for him to run for president next year!

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur joins Jesse Ventura to take on the 2016 elections, which may just me the most expensive ever.  Experts are predicting the campaigns alone could cost up to $10 billion.Let’s repeat that: $10 billion!

Crony capitalism seems to be leading the charge in next year’s presidential election: many of the candidates, specifically in the GOP field are raking in dollars from corporate donors.  

But will the two outsiders of each party -- Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, both who’ve taken very little to no dark money to begin with -- secure their respective party’s nomination?

To be determined.

The GOP is gearing up to spend, spend, spend on advertising against Donald Trump, who, as we all know, is currently leading in the polls (and headlines) for the Republican party.  This ad campaign against Trump is most probably done out of fear that he will indeed secure the nomination.  As Cenk states, “The Republicans hate Trump because they can’t control him...He’s a wild card.”

And Bernie, who won Time Magazine’s readers poll for Person of the Year, wasn’t even included in the official finalists selection.  Still, can The Bern withstand the establishment attack from Hillary Clinton?  “Probably not,” Cenk states to the Governor.

Maybe this has left the field open for Jesse Ventura to run?

The Governor is seriously considering a potential run on the Libertarian ticket.  He tells TYT’s Cenk Uygur:

“I’m starting to doubt my atheism...I’m looking at what’s happening right now and I’m going, 'is it destiny?'  I mean they’re setting the table for me.” 

What do you think vigilant viewers?  Would you be up for a Ventura 2016 ticket?  Sound off below!  


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