2016 GOP hopeful Marco Rubio hit the campaign trail in Minnesota, where he took shots at the Governor.  Rubio compared Jesse to Trump, stating, "Jesse Ventura is an embarrassment, but Donald Trump will be an embarrassment to America, will be an embarrassment to anyone who supported him. What he will do to our foreign policy will embarrass everyone in this room."  Well, if Rubio thought the Governor would sit quietly on this, he's wrong.

I'm very disappointed in Marco Rubio - someone who wants to be Commander in Chief of our military - is stooping so low as to insult a Vietnam veteran. 

As a veteran, as a former mayor who won in a landslide, and as a former Governor who beat the Democrats and the Republicans, the only one who should be embarrassed here is Marco Rubio: he's in 3rd place and it's unlikely that he'll actually win the primary in his home state. 

I won mayor and governor without a Super PAC, without relying on special interest money, whereas Marco Rubio's entire political "career" has been backed by corporate interests, such as the private prison conglomerate. 

When I ran for governor, I raised all my campaign money from actual people, and I raised less money to campaign than what I was paid as governor. 

But Marco Rubio can't say the same. 

I've never lost an election, and I ran as a 3rd party candidate for governor. 

The people voted for me.  I'm not the embarrassment.

-Jesse Ventura


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