Jesse Ventura takes on your questions in another edition of "Ask Jesse."  This time around, the Governor discusses what it would take him to run in 2016, his best-choice for president currently in the running, and what he would do about no-fly zones.

Massimo from Toronto, Ontario asks: Will you run for president in 2016?  You are tough, and you would win.

Right now, my decision will not having any bearing on who ends up being the Democratic or Republican nominee.  For me, it comes down to whether I want to do it: do I want to take the time at this moment in life to run?  Do I want to take my life in that direction?  And there are many things that tell me no.  And those are things I need to clarify before I say yes.  And I need to do so quickly.

People don’t realize what this role requires.  Campaigning alone is a lot work -- and I need to see some light at the end of the tunnel.  I don’t run not to win. I need to see some hope that I’d have a shot at winning.  I’d need access to the debates.  If they thought Trump was loud and boisterous, let me tell you: if I decide to run and they won’t let me in the debates, then they ain’t seen nothing yet.  If Trump wins, I think I’d be allowed in.  But the others would fight it.

-Jesse Ventura

Rhonda Brown from Ohio wants to know: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?  Which would be the better choice?  Or do you support Trump instead?

Policy-wise the best choice is Bernie Sanders. I won’t support any of the three because they are either Democrats or Republicans.  I don’t endorse candidates from either party.

-Jesse Ventura

Helena Larsson from Sweden asks: Many running for POTUS advocating no-fly zone over Syria.  Have they all gone collectively insane?

By imposing no-fly zones, you’re trying to drum-up the beat of war so you can get into it.  You’re putting something out there in hopes that it will get violated in order to give you an excuse to go to war. I’m not for this at all: I’m for getting out of the Middle East and ending our involvement there.  

-Jesse Ventura


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