The mainstream news cycle struggles to decipher what to make of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.  Will this issue cost her the presidency?  Did she intentionally break the law?  Will Clinton get indicted?  Will her delegates turn to Bernie Sanders?  One thing is for sure: the scandal is likely to haunt her for the remainder of her campaign. Leave it to Jesse Ventura to offer an entirely different viewpoint on the matter, however; one you’re not likely to hear from those Big Media pundits on both sides of the aisle.

It’s truly amazing to me that you could be denied the presidency over some emails, and yet, you could take the country to war over deception and lies.  Clinton gets investigated, she could get prosecuted, but yet Bush and Cheney, who lead our country to war on false pretenses AND performed war crimes, are walking scot-free?

One gets investigated and the other one doesn’t.  No one’s held accountable for the illegal torture that took place under the Bush/Cheney administration.  No one’s held accountable for sending our men and women to war under false pretenses.  It’s a wild world we live in.  

The grosser the crime, the lesser the punishment.  That's how our government seems to be working.

I'm not condoning Clinton's behavior.  The only comparison between the two cases would come from the fact that that’s the way our government’s operated all these years under these two political parties.  To me, if you’re going to be a Democrat or Republican, and rise up in the parties, you have to condone that type of behavior.  Because it’s alive and well within the two parties.

Why do you think I so vehemently oppose Democrats and Republicans? They're so corrupt.  From top to bottom. Pure corruption.  And I guess in order to make your way up the ladder, you have to accept corruption.

There’s been a lot of talk that Hillary Clinton is comparable to George W. Bush. In terms of the big picture, I would say, yes, there are similarities, but on individual policies, maybe not.  In terms of how the government operates -- and how they operate within the government -- then yes, they’re identical. 

-Jesse Ventura


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