NYFF Round Up

New York Film Festival Round Up So Far...

New York Film Festival Round up

By Ali Tenenbaum

While We’re Young – Ben Stiller is a middle aged nerdy Jewish anxiety ridden guy. Shocking. Besides this misstep in casting the movie is funny, well written, relevant and really good.

Maps To The Stars – an over-the-top skewering of Hollywood like I’ve never seen. It’s twisted and sick and scary – maybe because it’s not far from the truth. I loved it. Hmmm, what does that say about me?

The Wonders – A struggling bee keeping family living remotely and on the verge of losing everything enters a bizarre local contest. It’s weird, wonderful and a wee bit plodding.

Mr Turner – Challenging accents, an inordinate amount of grunting, a sweet love story and a heartbreaking unrequited love story. Worth it for the visuals, but bring earplugs for the respiratory noises.

La Sapienza – this is why I love the New York Film Festival. It’s subtitled, slow, about nothing and you’d never see it otherwise.

Inherent Vice – if you can let yourself go and sink into the 1970’s hazy California drug den you will enjoy this hugely ambitious, somewhat successful “trip”.

Pasolini – one nutty filmmaker's interpretation of a hugely controversial, radical and provocative persona leaves you ponderous.It’s sexually explicit, oddly subtle considering the subject who was anything but, and pretty interesting despite it’s flaws.

Goodbye To Language – a 70 minute fragmented esoteric Godard special with flashes of pure beauty.Mostly it’s naked French people smoking and a dog.Caution if you are prone to seizures.

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