The Other Woman

Kate Upton, well, she has two reasons to be in this movie...

The Other Woman, Nick Cassavetes 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

If you go in with ultra-low expectations you might enjoy this movie… a bit.  Leslie Mann proves her comedy prowess in something that wasn’t written by her husband and Cameron Diaz is a movie star, like it or not.  Kate Upton, well, she has two reasons to be in this movie and they are both quite amazing.  Taylor Kinney (who seems way too normal to be Lady Gaga’s boyfriend) plays the brother/good guy character and is quite fine at it.  And it’s really fun to see Don Johnson on screen and looking really good!!  Ok so you get the picture, I am talking about all of this other stuff to make up for the fact that this movie really sucks. 


Barely passes the watch at home muster.  Grandma, kid and maybe even you should skip it.


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