The One I Love

It’s like a Dick Van Dyke episode on acid...

The One I Love, Charlie McDowell 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

It’s like a Dick Van Dyke episode on acid: a couple trying to work out the whole marriage thing, a weekend getaway to try to bring them closer (that always works), and an impossible twist of altered reality they must navigate together. Mark Duplass is doughy and relatable and Elizabeth Moss, out of her familiar Mad Men element, plays an attractive, straightforward, realistic character. You know what’s happening is impossible and you have to suspend belief to the point of absurdity, nevertheless it hooks you. It manages to seep into your psyche because let’s face it, who hasn’t wondered “What if you could mix up everything in your relationship and take another path?”

There’s something provocative about this movie. It’s not fully realized and it’s overly ambitious, but it’s also original and quite good. Grandma will like it. Kids will find the romantic dramedy adult themes a bore.

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