Snowpiercer,Joon-ho Bong 2014

By Ali Tenenbaum

This movie blew me away. I suggest you hop on board and join the merry band of outsiders and rebels that attempt to make their way from the bowels at the back of the train to the fantasyland in the front in hopes of saving their future.

Lots of movies take place on trains.None perhaps as ambitious, over the top, dark, action packed, violent or dramatic as this one. Each car reveals an intense surprising twist of fate or bizarre experience and it adds up to one wild ride. Some have said it’s too over the top, beyond unrealistic, overly dramatic and hard to latch onto.All of these things are true. Snowpiercer is a love it or hate it type deal. But if you’re willing to suspend belief over and over and let yourself go, it’s an incredible, beautiful bleak ass journey and one I feel fortunate to have been on.

Way too violent for young kids and probably too violent for grandma but take her anyway!

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