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Claire Foy gushes over John Lithgow: He’s an absolute hero

Larry King NowJul 31 '17

Claire Foy – who stars as Queen Elizabeth II on Netflix’s award-winning series, ‘The Crown’ – gushes over her co-star, John Lithgow, who she says has a wit and charisma “exactly like Churchill.”

Larry King: Working with John Lithgow, who plays Churchill with a new movie out about Churchill --

Claire Foy: I know!

Larry King: What was it like to work with John?

Claire Foy: Well, I mean first of all, when I heard that he was cast, um, it made me really really excited about the show, because by that point I’d only been cast and so I thought: ‘This is going to awful’ because I’m in it, and then I heard he was cast and just I thought: ‘that’s such a exciting, different choice’, because Churchill’s such an incredibly famous British leader and he’s so much about what it is about to be English, it’s sort of bound up with him and you know, so as an English person it’s very difficult to kind of approach that character, I think it must be very hard. And also, we have such a wealth of incredible older actors who could’ve played the part, but John is...I mean you know him….

Larry King: He’s also very funny.

Claire Foy: He’s incredibly funny, he’s got a wit and a charisma and...a levity which I think is exactly right for Churchill, and just also a lust for life, which I think Churchill had, always. That he wanted to make the most out of every single opportunity and that’s what John’s like. He’s just an absolute hero.

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