To celebrate the release of Jesse's book, we're giving away AUTOGRAPHED copies to our #OffTheGrid viewers. Take the quiz for a chance to win!

First things first, watch this video...


Good! Now, it's time to watch those five episodes of "Off the Grid" to find the answers to the quiz. You only get one shot at this, so make sure to give it all you got!

1. Would Socialism Be Bad for America? Jesse Ventura on the Dirtiest Word in U.S. Politics


2. The REAL Cost of Reversing Birthright Citizenship: Does Jesse Ventura Approve of Trump's Deportation Plan?


3. Top 5 Cyber Security Bills You Need to Know About Now with Amie Stepanovich and Jesse Ventura


4. Conceal & Carry Without a Permit: Do We Need to Change the Second Amendment?


5. Wage War With the War on Drugs! Jesse Ventura Tackles the New Prohibition




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