“One simple answer: plausible denial.That’s the status quo today.”  Jesse Ventura takes on 9/11 and other issues in this edition of “Ask Jesse.”  Also on the docket: would the Governor consider being a Sanders or Trump running mate?

Mike Johnson wants to know: Now I feel I’m part of the 9/11 lies...How do you deal with the lies?

I’ve always questioned 9/11, from the 28 redacted pages to our very own 9/11 report, which we paid for.  Shouldn’t we have the right to see our own 9/11 report?  I wish someone would ask that at the debates: “if you become president, will you allow the American people to see the 28 redacted pages to the 9/11 report?”  We should know the truth.  There are so many unanswered questions regarding 9/11.  This is similar to JFK’s assassination: no one in government is about to give you the answer.  It’s plausible denial. That’s the status quo today, that’s how our governing bodies get away with it.
-Jesse Ventura

Edward Simon asks: Did the group that killed MLK the same group that killed JFK?

I’ve never seen a connection in all my studies.  I’m not saying there couldn’t be, I simply don’t know.  However, with RFK, there’s a definitely link there to JFK’ assassination.  David Morales, a CIA agent, was in both places. He was one of the agency’s lead assassins.  Morales was both in Dealey Plaza and he was seen in the hotel where RFK was killed.
-Jesse Ventura

Frank O'Brien asks: Should Trump be charged for hate speech?

No.  We have the First Amendment.  It’s that simple.  The First Amendment is there to protect unpopular speech.  If you’re going to start making speech a crime, then I’ll truly know that the Constitution and Bill of Rights don’t exist anymore.  Trump should not be charged.
-Jesse Ventura

Kirk Schwoebel wants to know: Are, or would you consider being the Donald's running mate?  Or Bernie’s?

At this point in time, I would consider being neither running mate because the problem is they both belong to those two political parties.  I think I would be selling myself out if I chose to join those parties just to be the VP or to run with another politician.  Yet as we get closer to the election, circumstances may change and one might decide that running on the inside will have more value than running on your own.  But at this very moment, I would give no credence to running for VP with either of them.  They have enough to worry about since they’re trying to win.
-Jesse Ventura


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