recent 60 minutes investigation brought more exposure to the alleged links between the 9/11 hijackers and the attacks.  Now President Obama faces new pressure from the victims’ families to pass legislation that would allow them to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for its possible involvement.  But the White House signaled recently that it will veto such a measure.

According to The Hill, Saudi officials reportedly told the White House they would sell off $750 billion in U.S. assets if the bill came to law.  While victims’ families continue to fight for full transparency regarding what happened that fateful day, more and more politicians are coming out in support of the release of the 28 redacted pages.  Former 9/11 commissioner Tim Roehmer recently told MSNBC he believes the public should be allowed access to secret materials, insinuating that it’s possible that financing in support of the attacks came from Saudi sources.

Well, isn’t that nice.  I guess that’s our government working for us, isn’t it?  That’s our government working on our behalf.  Of course, I say that sarcastically.  It’s laughable and upsetting at the same time.  Not being allowed to sue is laughable, and being obstructed by your very own president -- one that you elected and represents the people of this country -- is what’s upsetting to me.

In my opinion, the President is not acting on behalf of the citizens that elected him.

I understand why Obama believes we can’t sue the government of Saudi Arabia.  Maybe it sets a precedent on a global scale.  And, as a result, our country would probably incur the most lawsuits than any other country on the planet.

The sad part is, not only are these 9/11 victims’ families prevented from suing the country of Saudi Arabia, but our government also continues to cover up the truth.  If they don’t allow these victims’ families to sue, the White House should at least allow us to know the truth. Don’t you think so?

Do these 28 redacted pages not change the official story?  Yes.  That’s why it will never be acknowledged and the redacted pages will never be made public.  And if the 28 redacted pages do contain information regarding Saudi Arabia’s involvement with 9/11, shouldn’t we have invaded Saudi Arabia, rather than Iraq then?  It seems to me that the Saudis were much more involved in 9/11 than the Iraqis ever were.  That’s how it worked?  That’s our version of diplomacy?  That’s our foreign policy?  These are the Democrats and Republicans at work?  How would any of these presidential candidates answer that? 

This is another major disappointment in Obama’s eight years.  Simply because he’s not governing for the people of America.  Our government won’t allow any more transparency regarding 9/11 than on the day John F. Kennedy was killed. I’ve lived through both now.  If people can’t see the parallels, then they’re very naive.  Our government will never admit to any wrongdoing in either case.  That will never happen.

If the money trail leads back to the house of Saud, why not follow it?  Release these 28 pages once and for all.  Let’s find out who financed these people.  Let’s keep following that money trail to see exactly where it leads to.

But I guess I’m just a conspiracy theorist, aren’t I?

-Jesse Ventura


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