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Dan Bilzerian hired a prostitute for a veteran

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

After stating that “I do tons of charity that I don’t really talk about,” social media superstar Dan Bilzerian confesses to Larry King that he hired a woman to have sex with a veteran he’d invited to one of his parties – without telling the vet she’d been paid to sleep with him.

Dan Bilzerian: I do tons of charity that I don’t really talk about.

Larry King: Oh.

Dan Bilzerian: I mean I’m never doing interviews but every one of my parties I got these amputee guys coming and I’ve taken them to club appearances and so…

Larry King: Get them girls too?

Dan Bilzerian: Uh yeah I actually paid one chick to fuck one of these guys. I didn’t tell him that. That’s kind of fucked up, maybe, but anyways yeah he got laid by this super hot chick. And uh, it was funny I’ll never forget it cause um, we were at the breakfast table and I had forgotten, I was pretty hung over, and um I remember looking over at this guy and he’s smiling and I just look at him and I’m like ‘fuck man, I really respect that you got such a good attitude, you know?’ And he’s like ‘what are you talking about?’ I’m like, ‘well fuck you got your legs blown off, like that’s amazing, you know what I mean? Like you’re just, you’ve always been cool. You’ve just always been happy every time I’m hanging out with you.’ And he said to me, ‘losing my legs is the best thing that ever happened to me.’ And I was just like, ‘what?’ And he’s like ‘yeah, if I hadn’t have gotten my legs blown off,’ he’s like, ‘I’d be in some dirt hole in Iraq and I’d be miserable and nobody would give a fuck about me and when I came home I’d just be another guy living in Idaho.’ And he’s like, ‘now I’m getting paid to motivate people and I’m inspiring people.’ And he’s like, ‘and I’m partying here with you.’

Larry King: And last night…

Dan Bilzerian: And he’s like, ‘I had sex with this super hot chick.’ And I’m just like, ‘fuck man that’s awesome.’ And at that moment I just like realized perspective is just so important.

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