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Jay Roach on Trump: we need wisdom, not ego

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Why Dan Bilzerian is supporting Trump

Larry King NowOct 05 '16

Social media titan Dan Bilzerian says he’s supporting Donald Trump because he prefers his “raw and unfiltered” style to those who are politically correct.

Larry King: I guess you’re supporting Trump? I’m guessing.

Dan Bilzerian: Between the two, definitely, yeah. I mean, I don’t agree with everything the guy does or says but one thing I do like is the fact that he’s kind of raw and unfiltered and he’s not…

Larry King: But does that scare you a little too?

Dan Bilzerian: It does, it does. I just… That honestly scares me less than these people that are just so politically correct and just are just gonna say whatever they’re supposed to say. Um, and I guess I just would rather somebody, even if I don’t agree with his opinion, give it to me straight.

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